Friday, May 21, 2010

If you missed the KO

No, I'm not talking Knock Out, I'm talking Kerry O'Brien!

Yes in the past week Kezza over at the 7:30 Report has been giving verbal punches to Australia's most rotund politicians.

If you missed them, K-Dog has complied them for you at KERRY O'BRIEN'S LATEST POLITICAL INTERVIEWS.


C-U-L-T find out what it means to me!

There is nothing in the word CULT that connotes positivity. Or in the word evangelical. It might have originally meant a zealous faith and promotion in a set of beliefs, but to the agnostic or skeptic, it can only mean one thing; brainwashing.

Over the past week Scientology and a group called Agape Ministries have come under fire. And over the past year (or longer) the Catholic Church has been paddled on the bum for the array of cover-ups and instances that they turned a blind eye to sexual abuse.

I see a connection.

Secretive group with a uniting and firm belief in one ideal (religious, or otherwise). Secluded from society or a natural life or choosing an alternate path(ie priesthood, a life of solitude, estrangement from normal daily life), these members often stray quite obviously from their path.

Sexual abuse of children, cover-ups and illegal weaponry or activities.

And the cover-up is justified how? To preserve their faith in positive light to the rest of the world.

Rationalised how? It's what (god, higher being, the saviour) would want/do/think/say/forgive.

Does it make it okay?


I've never really understood what South Australian Senator Nick Xenaphon stood for (except anti-gambling) but he sure understands what I'm on about.

I don't think religious belief is necessarily a bad or dangerous thing, just that when it comes to holding power, distorting the natural way of life (with, say, abstinence or living in a place secluded from the eye of anyone outside of that belief).

My Melbourne Mum once said to me, 'Everything in moderation.'
It applies to almost everything, drinking, eating crappy food, going out for dinner, pulling all nighters or spending time on the computer.

Perhaps religion needs to take a leaf out of her book and realise that the power they wield over people can corrupt (however unintentionally).

I'm not so much saying faith in moderation, but take a chance to take of the robe, hat, cross, whatever and reflect on what you are doing.

Because we know that evangelicals isolate people, rather than encourage them to stay and chat.

The bearded man on a crate yelling, the bible booth, the lone monk handing out 3 inch thick books, the activist asking me if I like puppies or the environment. They all make it very difficult to want to actually hear what they are on about.

Maybe I'll get a crate and yell 'MODERATION' a few times in the middle of Federation Square.

It should get it out of my system...

Monday, May 3, 2010

This advertising doesn't work

I've bee watching a lot of the US TV series Mad Men recently and in between wistfully fantasizing about life in the 50s I've been giving advertisements around me a good hard 'do you make me want to buy you?' ponder.

This question has lead to two polar opposite effects - a big ol' maybe and BIG FAT NO.
Let's take a short stroll through these ads.

1. The Perfect Man - Perfect Italiano

I'm sorry, but in my world the perfect man doesn't have a listening face, or have an Italian accent and narrate his every action. Plus that face needs a few imperfections to make me feel less insecure that my face may not have the most perfect, prominent cheek bones and angular jaw. Also my hair doesn't swish so elegantly.
AND THEN they have the indecency to tell you to buy cheese, when I'm fairly sure Mr Perfect Man over there didn't guzzle mozzarella to get that manicured stubble.
So, first lesson for advertising 'people' - don't make me feel insecure.

2. Most ads for a radio show that are plastered across streets or broadcast on TV.
Yeah, you know what I'm on about. Those ads for Nova, Triple M or Classic rock which make you realise why those presenters are on radio, not TV. That's right. They have a radio face. BUUURN.

(To be inserted photo of aforementioned ad)

I also don't understand how they came up with such a terrible idea for a radio ad. They don't tell you what is going to be talked about, why you should listen or who the hell these people are. They are just 'Grubby and 'Deedee' and that's it. I'm sure hilarity ensues.

3. Cars driving through the wilderness.
Who ever had the revelation wilderness + car = profit is either a genius or know nothing about how people use cars.
I learnt to drive in a Toyota Land Cruiser and am fairly sure that thing is far too fat to drive over sand.

Cars are not epic, they get you from A to B. Some are more grumbly, some bigger and some have those flippy TV screens.

I just wish we could go back to the good old days when advertisements took criticism on, telling the experts to eff off.