Monday, May 3, 2010

This advertising doesn't work

I've bee watching a lot of the US TV series Mad Men recently and in between wistfully fantasizing about life in the 50s I've been giving advertisements around me a good hard 'do you make me want to buy you?' ponder.

This question has lead to two polar opposite effects - a big ol' maybe and BIG FAT NO.
Let's take a short stroll through these ads.

1. The Perfect Man - Perfect Italiano

I'm sorry, but in my world the perfect man doesn't have a listening face, or have an Italian accent and narrate his every action. Plus that face needs a few imperfections to make me feel less insecure that my face may not have the most perfect, prominent cheek bones and angular jaw. Also my hair doesn't swish so elegantly.
AND THEN they have the indecency to tell you to buy cheese, when I'm fairly sure Mr Perfect Man over there didn't guzzle mozzarella to get that manicured stubble.
So, first lesson for advertising 'people' - don't make me feel insecure.

2. Most ads for a radio show that are plastered across streets or broadcast on TV.
Yeah, you know what I'm on about. Those ads for Nova, Triple M or Classic rock which make you realise why those presenters are on radio, not TV. That's right. They have a radio face. BUUURN.

(To be inserted photo of aforementioned ad)

I also don't understand how they came up with such a terrible idea for a radio ad. They don't tell you what is going to be talked about, why you should listen or who the hell these people are. They are just 'Grubby and 'Deedee' and that's it. I'm sure hilarity ensues.

3. Cars driving through the wilderness.
Who ever had the revelation wilderness + car = profit is either a genius or know nothing about how people use cars.
I learnt to drive in a Toyota Land Cruiser and am fairly sure that thing is far too fat to drive over sand.

Cars are not epic, they get you from A to B. Some are more grumbly, some bigger and some have those flippy TV screens.

I just wish we could go back to the good old days when advertisements took criticism on, telling the experts to eff off.

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