Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NEEDS: a steady flow of the hot stuff.

Living in the first world is amazing.
Yeah, I've never lived anywhere else, but last week I had a glimpse of living in the third world. My house was practically stricken with poverty, political instability, dodgy infrastructure, ill-health and a lacking amenities.
That's right, my pilot light on the hot water heating gadget thing went out.
I boiled water to wash the dishes, I groaned at the thought of showering and screamed with agony every time I attempted to wash my hair. It's no wonder I was late for the early-morning classes last week, I had to contemplate whether an ice cold shower was worth it or if I held off for one more day anyone would notice the grease stain on my leg from my bike chain that was clinging on for the third day running.
No one did.

And if you compare our Real Estate agent to a Prime Minister or President, it was pretty much experiencing corrupt government. The fire went out on Saturday night and when I visited the office on Tuesday I was told that we were too stupid to use a pilot light. Fair enough, we are three girls and one very lovely but not-so-experienced-in-fixing-things boy (LOVE YOU Kiki).
But after twenty goes, I was sure we weren't that incompetent.
We had to call about ten times over two days before they agreed to send someone over. And if it turned out we WERE that ditzy, we had to fork out $130. SAD FACE.

Turns out we don't fail at life quite that much. There was 'gunk' clogging up the gas.

It is f**king amazing.
(I may or may not have sat down in the shower for a good ten minutes splashing, swishing, clapping and gurgling the stuff yesterday morning)