Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm awake at 8am and I do not like it.
Student Timetabling, the system referred to as STS. It's simple, every RMIT student who is in Communications must log onto STS at 8am and make their timetable work. BUT WAIT, the system will crash, and although it's not meant to, STS will allow your classes to clash.
Claps for the STS, really.
Not only this, the system is smug. It's all 'HEY YOU, yeah you little University student, i just wanted to make sure that after making you wake up at 8am and having you refresh to avoid error messages about 50 times, get reeeeeaaal frustrated with the system, yell a little and vent on facebook, YOU HAVE A NICE DAY.'

I am aware computers, software and STS may not actually be that vindictive. By creating that persona, it's easier to hate them.

God, I'm not ready to go back. One more week.

With regard to the title, i was never good at acrostic poems or comebacks. Ta Da.

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