Monday, February 15, 2010

Vometines Day.

Sunday, Valentines Day, was hideously busy. I worked breakfast, lunch and dinner at work (don't worry, i got breaks and food) shrouded by smarmy couples holding hands and being generally romantic. At times i felt like foreplay to their evening which (i imagine) would inevitably end in obligatory V-day sex. Yes, it was a little creepy, although it's very likely all of that was in my head.
But the couples were bearable, they were eating the heinously priced valentines menu, drinking the alcohol and generally throwing money at us.
It was the singles and tables of 3 and above who believed it was my duty to make them forget their lack of that 'special someone'.
I'm not one of those snide angry waiters who looks down their nose at you- not at all. I smile i make them feel the agapi; but when you would utter the 'v' word it was cringe mania.
I'm not sure what was worse, the single cringe or being part of the seduction narrative.

In Melbourne's Sunday Age newspaper, comedian Cal Wilson noted that if couples need Valentines Day to insert romance into their relationship, perhaps the (impulsive) romance has gone. I'm not sure if agree or disagree with that thinking, but I'm unsure that valentines day is now nothing more than a one day boost to the rose, restaurant and chocolate industries.

My father would declare it another day for the capitalist; mindless, pointless spending.

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