Friday, February 12, 2010

Who needs to travel when you've got Planet Earth.

Many of my friends have recently returned from gap year travels - mostly to europe. Goddamn they make you jealous. A joint and a picnic in Amsterdam, road-tripping in Greece and a white Christmas. It makes me want to not eat for a year, save up and catch the travel bug.

Luckily for me one of my new housemates happens to own Planet Earth, a TV series narrated by David Attenborough which has eleven episodes which range from caves to deserts and deep sea to mountains.
Yesterday, along with two of my globe trotting friends, I sat and spent an intimate 10 hours with David. He told and showed us what no tourist experience could.
We would ask a question at the television ('I wonder how many ____ there are') and David Attenborough's narration would answer 'there are only 40 ___ left in the wild' right on cue.
We saw the world's largest waterfall (Angel's Falls) and freakiest birds of paridise (still debated).

The bird of paradise pictured above makes the weirdest clicking noise to attract the ladies. Unfortunately this one was not bouncing high enough and got rejected.

The lengths that those cameramen underwent to capture the snow leopard were enormous. One man spent three years in the Himalayan wilderness to capture a total of 5 minutes of footage. Others risked land mines, gunfire and falling boulders in the volatile Afghan/Pakistani northern border to eventually see a Snow Leopard catch, kill and eat prey.

The series reminded me how Darwin's theory of evolution resounds all over the planet.
The world's largest cave in Borneo is home to over 3 million bats during the day, leaving piles of dung rotting on the ground. Cockroaches and other bugs live off this poop, which in turn feed the spiders which also inhabit the cave.
Without the insects the cave would have filled with dung and been uninhabitable by the bats.

There were so many examples of animals evolving to survive in their environment, and yet humans are unable to do so. We instead alter our environment to suit our needs.

Yeah, shit got deep until we saw the Desert Foxes. With an ear to body proportion like that, how couldn't it fit all five senses in their ears.

We basically ate toastie sandwiches and watermelon, watched Planet Earth, thus justifying a day of nothing.

A perfect day on the Univerity student scale.


  1. Hey Em! How amazing is the segment on the crystal caves in mexico?
    Also, Yay! You have a blog!