Sunday, April 4, 2010


I started watching Mad Men a couple of days ago and 4 episodes in, I'm a little hooked.
But it (and this truck I saw outside Queen Victoria Markets) got me thinking about the oddness of advertising words.

The truck said 'blah blah blah Chicken - Authentic poultry"
But how the hell is poultry UNAUTHENTIC?
If that's the best thing the owner of said truck can come up with - man - get some better product.
Do others knit, their chicken? Or is there a government agency that decides if chicken is 'authentic enough?'

I Google Imaged (verb!) 'Authentic Chicken' and only unidentifiable chicken meat in meals came up. ARE ALIVE CHICKENS NOT AUTHENTIC? Does this have implications for humans, am i not authentic until death or cannibalism becomes the newest rage?

I also enjoy the 1# YUMMY RESTAURANT I see on my way to Uni.

Or maybe it's actually DELICIOUS.

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  1. Clearly most poultry is a forgery, a clever clever forgery.
    Do you know why everyone says all random white meat (goanna, pidgeon, squab, rabbit, etc) tastes like chicken?
    It's because our chicken is really made out of those animals.
    And now real authentic poultry, made out of chickens, is available for your consumption...
    BE CAREFUL, it may not taste like 'chicken'