Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruined by advertising?

Walking through uni today I saw this ad for MiGoreng (!!!).
I could never imagine a sleek advertising executive looking at the plastic-looking egg on a packet of MiGers and thinking 'yeah, smothered in egg is the angle we'll go for' when there isn't even an egg included.
I think they might even sell more if they wrote 'egg not included' so that the hesitant vegan or those who are grossed out by a vacuumed sealed fried egg are more inclined to whip out the 60ish cents. How could anyone have thought the idea of having an egg on there as a positive packaging factor. But apparently (now) there is someone behind the scenes calling the shots.

Also, why would they say it's a brain food?

There ain't no brain food in that my friend.

Introducing the innocent friend to MiGoreng was the best thing about a hangover. It was the word of mouth, along with the price, that made MiGoreng better than 2 Minute Noodles. It made it grunge goddamnnit!

My question is this: Do you think MiGoreng will actually suffer from advertising when it is traditionally a word-of-mouth food for students?


  1. Answer: No.

    Most asian noodle brands display their products with extra bits of food as a serving suggestion, similar to weetbix w/ bananas on the front of a weetbix box. What? No bananas?

    Students must pay for their own eggs! It's our way of saying damn you all for sleeping in when you feel like it...

  2. Fair point, but bananas and strawberries are appetising.
    Eggs? not so much.

  3. Eggs? Whats wrong with eggs? Sounds like some kind of insidious vegan communist plot to over-throw capitalist proteins.

    I knew it, you socialists just want everyone to be weak and under fed before you nationalize everything and become corrupt

    Viva le Reagan!

    bwaahahaahhaaaaa....work stress troll

  4. First we overthrow eggs, then on to the REVOLUTION!!
    Coming to a Socialist Alternative poster on a light pole near you!

  5. Let me just charge right on in here and say two very brief points to you sage fellows:

    1. It's all about the price. For that price they could (and do) put strips of what has to be rancid meat on the packaging. They simply undercut all competition.

    2. It must be in the blood Emma because I love Asian noodles when I am hungover...actually my preference is immediately after returning home from a night out. Get in before the hangover.