Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting my rang-on

It's the season to be a red head, and yes I am (as of 6 hours ago) part of that exclusive club. Exclusive in the sense that it could cost a mere 10 bucks and an hour of your life.

I think my decision was primarily (rationalised by myself at least) due to serving a girl who had excellent hair, and I thought why not. But increasingly I'm thinking it my be in my subconscious, given that some of my journalistic heroes (Leigh Sales, Kerry O'Brien) and the most recent PM are all part of the red-club.

Whatever it is, I wonder about all of those redheaded stereotypes, and whether they apply to me, even though it was a cocktail of toxins and colourants that made me so.

Are blondes dumber?
Are red heads more freckley/nerdy/deserving of nick-names?
Are brunettes... actually what are the stereotypes surrounding brown hair?

Ginger Spice made the rang sexy in the 90s and Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) is bringing it round again in the 10s.

Well, at least I know I will have Julia Gillard's approval!

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