Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nostalgic list/ideas of people I could have been.

As with any middle-class white female, reflections upon my childhood leave me with few things to lament about. No trauma, hard life tales of woe or split up parents. But as a human being, as we all do, I want you and others to empathise with the hardship I have felt from past decisions. Hardship in this case being in the context of a cushy and not-really-so-hard-when-you-look-to-the-third-world kind of way.

So, there's not being allowed to watch TV as a child, meaning piles of pop-culture references from the Simpsons, Seinfeld and whatever else was on TV in the 90s.

Being allowed to quit piano, hockey, acting and dance to cut off my potential of being a musical master-child, goal-defending padded goalie, the next botox-infused Australian maiden of the screen.

I'm sure I had so much potential to be the genius kid that is envied for being so damn good at everything.

But on the flipside I am glad my parents allowed me to make my own decisions about education. As I am pretty sure my decision to go to a co-ed public school ensured a safe passage to where I am today (as opposed to the single sex private school my mum wanted me to go to). Nothing against the latter type of school, but my impressionable 13-year-old self would, I believe, may have made decisions in (hindsight of the possible) that may have resulted in a significantly different person.

There are many parts of life where, unknowingly, we make decisions that effect us in ways we would never have comprehended at that moment. You meet someone, who knows someone who could change, screw up or enhance your life.

Bleedingly obvious? Yes!
But by-god it certainly continues to astound me.

(and I hope it astounds you too!)


  1. This is not a list, em...

    Also yes, the way small things effect us in huge ways is astounding..