Friday, July 16, 2010

Election time, let's inform the politicians.

We're all ready for a Federal Election. Everyone, that is, except for those who can call it.

With bets over when the election will be called, held and who will win already in full swing.

Not only are the bets in, but most media sites already have a section dubbed 'election 2010' or thereabouts. Now, the election could, theoretically, not be called until April 2011. While this may be extremely unlikely (both as a betting man, and logically), they may all have it wrong. It also would mean that the Labor party lost their chance at another catchy slogan, that of Kevin11.

And it's not only journalists who are ready, wikipedia already has a page dedicated to the yet-to-be-announced election. And, as we all know, if it's on wikipedia it must be the truth.

So my question is, election 2010, where the bloody hell are you?

If we, the Australian public are ready, and pretty much decided. If the media is already gung-ho with their twitter accounts, web pages and ABC's news 24/7 is nigh where is the cherry on top?

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