Saturday, July 17, 2010

I think they listened!

So yesterday I was looking for an election, and that's what I got!

And even more websites have popped up since then.

The ABC, so far, are taking the cake with their Election Pulse site, full of tweets, bets, polls and a countdown.

The Australia's site is okay but just doesn't have the interactivity of the ABC's but I'm sure will improve as the campaign goes on.

The ABC's 24 hour news channel is also set to start up at 7:30pm next Thursday (22nd July), meaning the media's election excitement will be available any hour of the day.

But perhaps the best place to follow the election, straight from the journalists' mouth (in 140 characters) will be twitter, which has already show speedy potential for information dissemination of politics.
This morning, @latikambourke, @annabelcrabb, @samanthamaiden and @lyndalcurtis just to name a few. But if all else fails, the hashtag for the election has pretty much beend decided on: #ausvotes (or #aus2010)

Other fun tags are #mofo (Labor's 'Moving Forward' slogan) #gospeltruth (Tony Abbott's 7:30 report bungle)

More to come, I'm sure :)

Also, SYN's Federal election coverage is sure to begin this Monday on Panorama 430-5pm weekdays, and a special election show Below the Line, possibly on Saturday mornings.

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